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  • Our PV system covers up to 100% of our electricity consumption. In total, our almost 600 PV modules and an intelligent control system ensure that we have enough electricity so that we do not have to buy additional electricity on Ø 200 days a year.
  • Only if the solar energy is not sufficient in winter we buy green electricity. In the near future, we will integrate additional energy storage devices (batteries) into our home network to be able to temporarily store our "solar power" and use it at night or on cloudy days.


  • Our shipping cartons are produced ecologically sustainable and are FSC-certified. This means that only paper / wood from FSC-certified forests and / or recycled material, as well as material from controlled sources is used for the production of cardboard packaging.
  • We try to avoid plastic waste wherever possible. Unfortunately we cannot (yet) do without plastics 100%. However, we try to reduce this to a minimum. How we fill our shipping packages (only if necessary) with air cushions made of 2% recycled plastic. Unfortunately, paper is only conditionally suitable as a filling material, since we use a lot of paper to achieve the same stability would have to, which in total would be more polluting than the air cushions we use.


  • Our storage cardboard boxes are pressed in our company to space-saving bales and collected by a certified company at regular intervals. The pressing of the cardboard and paper waste results in a very high "storage space" in the truck is saved, which means 70% fewer transport journeys and thus CO² savings. The pressed cardboard boxes are recycled and used for the production of e.g. new cardboard boxes.
  • Added plastics are separated and pressed into compressed bales. These bales are collected and recycled in the same way as the cardboard boxes.


  • You will mainly get paper bags when you buy in our handicraft market. Of course you are welcome to bring your own bag or basket - it is even more environmentally friendly.
  • Over 250 economical LED spotlights reduce the power consumption by 70%. The remaining 30% comes mainly directly from our PV system, i.e. from solar energy. Please also read "Own green electricity, i.e. solar energy".
  • Our 850 sqm sales area is heated, like the rest of the building, with an air heat pump, which is also powered by solar energy from our own PV system. Please also read "Heating & Cooling".


  • We try to avoid unnecessary transport routes by selecting suitable regional suppliers.
  • We prefer to include articles in our assortment that are produced in Germany and the EU. This avoids environmentally harmful container transports by ship or air.
  • We send our parcels climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. The CO2 emissions generated during transport are offset by supporting climate protection projects.


  • Thanks to intelligent shading, the energy consumption of our building is comparatively low in terms of cooling & heating.
  • Saving LEDs in sales, warehouse and administration save additional energy. For example, we have installed more than 250 economical LED spotlights in our salesroom, which has reduced power consumption by 70%. By the way, the remaining 30% comes mainly directly from our PV system, i.e. solar energy. Please also read "Own green electricity through solar energy".


  • Our building is heated and cooled with a modern air heat pump. Therefore we use neither heating oil nor gas.
  • The electricity for the operation of the heat pump is generated directly on site by our PV system, which is located on the roof of our hall. We are therefore largely self-sufficient from the public power grid and know exactly where our electricity comes here - namely the sun :)
  • In summer our heat pump cools our building with solar energy (electricity from the PV system), so we can completely do without power-guzzling and environmentally harmful air conditioning systems.
  • In addition, we have already paid attention to the insulation of the new company building, so that not much heating and cooling energy is needed.

Sustainable out of responsibility - what does that mean for us?


Dear Reader,

reconciling ecological and economic interests is a very high priority for us, as we are aware of our responsibility in terms of sustainability as well as reduction and avoidance of CO².

For this reason, we work closely with the external sustainability consultancy "Fokus Zukunft" ( and regularly have our "CO² footprint" as a company, as well as our own brand "Fischer Wolle" calculated.
On the one hand, we strictly ensure that our CO² emissions are as low as possible, and on the other hand, we support specific projects that compensate for our emissions.
For example, we support reforestation projects in Germany, but also in Brazil or Uruguay.
In addition, we are particularly pleased to share our company premises with 2 bee colonies, which not only provide us with natural honey, but also care for a balanced and healthy ecosystem in the region.

We are proud that we as a company "Fischer Wolle" and all yarns of our popular own brand "Fischer Wolle" have been successfully certified as climate neutral.

You can find more info here:

Fischer Wolle - climate neutral company & own brand

When planning our new building in 2013, it was also clear that the new building had to meet very specific (strict) criteria that we had set ourselves.
The requirement was that the building should be well below today's energy standards, and we also wanted our new building to be completely free of fossil fuels such as heating oil, natural gas and electricity from coal-fired power plants. We also wanted to produce as much of the energy for heating and electricity as possible ourselves.

Furthermore, we have dealt with a wide range of topics in our company and examined them with regard to ecological responsibility.
What exactly these topics are and what we are currently doing in this area can be seen from the individual points that are placed in our building (graphic above).

Simply click on it and the topic area and explanation will open.
Of course, we are not resting on our laurels and will continue to look for improvements and implement them consistently.

We hope you enjoy reading,
Kind regards
Your Fischer-Wolle Team