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The little sock lore

Self-knitted socks have long since ceased to be a dusty topic and are now fully in vogue. With different techniques beautiful patterns and effects are created. Fresh colours make each sock unique.


What compositions are available?

Different types of yarn enable every knitter to meet his wishes and needs. A distinction is made between the following criteria:


  • Classic sock wool: New wool/polyamide mixes:

  • Sensitive sock wool: polyacrylic/polyester blend

  • Cotton socks: mixture of new wool, cotton, polyamide and polyester (Elité)


What thickness do I use?

Different thicknesses are available depending on the intended use:


  • 3-ply sock wool: For fine, thin socks

  • 4-ply sock wool: Common strength for classic socks

  • 6-ply sock wool: For thick, warming socks

  • 8-ply sock wool: For very thick socks or slippers


Which needles do I use?

  • For classic socks double pointed needles in 15 or 20 cm length are used. For certain sock techniques short circular knitting needles or a crochet hook are required.



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