The company history of Fischer Wolle

It all began in 1946 when Georg Fischer opened the Babenhausen exchange centre shortly after the war (under the motto: "Swap children's shoes for men's shirts"). After the currency reform, it became a specialist wool and textile store, which today has grown into a large specialty mail order company for hand-knitting and machine knitting wool.

Fischer Wolle: A synonym for quality and service for 65 years. Click through the slideshow and learn how it all began.
From the first wool sample cards to the current model catalogue:




Fischer Wolle - 65 years ago

Under the motto "You knit well with Fischer wool" ...

...thousands of satisfied regular customers of Fischer-Wolle prove it. In the modern office and work rooms there is order, cleanliness and a friendly atmosphere. The most modern equipment allows a very rational handling of all work. Purchasing and technical support are in the hands of experts who can draw on decades of experience in knitting and in handling wool and yarns. All this is visibly expressed in the astonishing quality and the favourable prices of Fischer wool.


... and gets it delivered promptly. Every order is executed on the day it is received. In order to meet these requirements, an average of 500,000 skeins and bundles of wool in approx. 1,000 colours are stored in the Fischer wool dispatch building! In the dispatch building itself, the wool is "looked after" until delivery. It is built according to the latest findings: No harmful light, even room climate, completely free of dirt and dust, practical shelves and storage packaging. Another plus point for the performance and huge choice!



Our former transportation system
Our former transportation system
... because loving hands strive for every single order. After checking that all customer requirements have been met exactly, the wool is prepared for dispatch in special packaging. It can now make its way to the customer, where it arrives undamaged and well "cared for".
One of our first wool sample cards
One of our first wool sample cards
The favourable prices and the "personal" delivery and payment conditions are then a plus point for your advantageous purchase at Fischer-Wolle! And when will you receive the next wool package?

Fischer Wolle - today

Your personal "handicraft paradise"

What applied 50 years ago is still our standard today. Cleanliness, order and modern warehousing ensure favourable prices, high quality and an unrivalled availability of goods.
In our newly constructed company building at Heideweg 28, we have been allowed to call ourselves Germany's largest handicraft market and largest wool mail order company within Southern Germany since June 2015. Orders that reach us by 12 o'clock usually leave our premises the same day and ideally reach the customer the next day. 90% of the orders are thus within 24-48 hours later at the customer. The extensive assortment in our warehouse comprises approx. 5,000 articles, from wool to needles and buttons, we stock everything the handicraft heart desires. Through intelligent warehousing, our customers receive their delivery exclusively in batches, i.e. no colour differences within the delivery. We are also able to carry out lot requests according to your wishes. You can find out whether the desired lot is in stock by calling our service team.


Every year we design 200 new knitting and crocheting models, which our customers can quickly and easily rework thanks to the detailed instructions. In addition, our customers can find a total of over 2,000 model suggestions in our online shop.
Because the former company headquarters on Allmannshornweg had to be extended again and again over the last 50 years, the distances between the individual warehouses and the salesroom had become uneconomical. 
The new building, which was constructed according to current ecological criteria, has an air-source heat pump that can be operated partly self-sufficiently by a PV system adapted to our needs. In this way, we generate more electricity than the building consumes in total and thus meet our responsibility to significantly reduce CO2 consumption.