Helpful tips for mothers and expectant mothers on the subject of "Knitting & crocheting for the baby"

The anticipation for the offspring is enormous with expectant parents and grandparents and one wants to spoil the little offspring from the first day on.
What could be more natural than to knit or crochet clothes, toys and much more for our little ones? 

The most important questions and answers for using the correct and appropriate quality can be found here:

  •  Which wool is most suitable?

    Cotton blends and soft, predominantly smooth yarns are best suited. Special baby yarns are recommended here, some of which are resistant to saliva.
    You will find all well suited yarns below under "Suitable yarns for babies and toddlers".


  • What do you have to pay special attention to when making the knitted or crocheted pieces?

    No wool with long fibres should be used, such as the quality "Mohair", yarns made of angora wool or fringe yarns - otherwise the fibres can easily come off.
    Small parts, such as buttons or patches should always be sewn tightly so that they cannot come loose either.


  • Which colours are recommended for babies?

    The right choice of colour depends on whether the knitted or crocheted piece is made for a girl or a boy and in which season it should be worn.

    • Colours for girls: 
      Pink and pastel colours go very nicely with feminine models. Here, pink and pink shades may be mixed together or used together with neutral colours to create a real "girlie" look or a more subtle style, depending on the combination.

    • Colours for boys:
      Here blue and light colours are preferred. Especially with blue shades, there is often a rich selection of different colour shades that guarantee a suitable shade for every taste.

    • Neutral colours:
      If you do not know yet whether the newborn baby will be a boy or a girl, neutral colours such as white or cream tones are a good choice. Combined with eye-catching accessories, such as a button in bright colours, these look especially great.

    • Colours for the spring: 
      Light and delicate colours are ideal for spring days. Pastel shades in pink, mint green or lilac can be wonderfully combined with neutral white and cream to create a magical look.

    • Colours for the summer: 
      Bright and fresh colours like yellow, blue, pink and green are the ultimate summer colours and are perfect for the next summer holiday or ice cream parlour visit.

    • Colours for the autumn:
      Rustic colours like moss green, brown and red are based on the colourful autumn leaves and can be used very well for a chic tweed look.

    • Colours for the winter: 
      The most beautiful color of winter: Red! A bright red, best combined with other signal colours, creates a wonderfully childlike or even Christmassy style.


  • What do I need to make a knitted or crocheted piece?

    Choose a suitable quality from our yarns for babies. In the product description of the selected quality you will find the suitable needle size. Then choose a suitable needle from our needle assortment. Now nothing stands in the way of your knitting or crocheting for your baby. Have fun with handicrafts!


  • How do I get more tips and information?

    • For all knitting or crochet beginners we have summarized the most important things in our 10 tips for beginners

    • If you need further help with knitting or crocheting, our service department (Mail: will be happy to help you with advice and assistance.


Suitable yarns for babies and toddlers



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