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We will pass the VAT reduction from 19% to 16% on to you. This means a discount advantage of 2.52% for you in purely mathematical terms. 
But we round up for you so that you receive a 3% discount on our entire range of products until 31.12.2020.


In detail this means:

    2.52% discount (VAT reduction)
 + 0,48% Fischer Wolle discount
 = 3% discount on our entire range

So do not be surprised about the "crooked" prices :)



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Do you have any more questions?

  • When do I get the 3% discount?
    Everybody who orders from us or purchases in our handicraft market from 01 July to 31 December 2020 will receive a 3% discount on their purchase.
    In the online shop the prices are directly reduced by 3%.
    In our handicraft market the original prices are marked on the article, the discount is automatically deducted at the cash desk.
  • Do I have to enter a discount code?
    No, you do not need to enter a discount code to receive the discount.
  • Do I get the discount with every purchase or only once?
    The discount applies to every purchase during the promotion period.
  • Does the regular discount scale remain valid during the promotion period?
    Yes, our scale of discount remains valid during the promotion period.
    So you receive for example..:
    from 100 € = further 3% discount
    from 150 € = further 5% discount and
    from 400 € = further 10% discount
  • Is there a minimum order value?
    No, there is no minimum order value
  • On which articles do I receive the 3% discount?
    You will receive the 3% discount on our entire product range, even on already reduced goods. (Except vouchers, as well as books & magazines)
  • I want to exchange something, will the VAT be deducted?
    The invoice date can be used to determine whether or not VAT must be deducted.
  • Do all traders have to pass on the VAT reduction to their customers?
    No, there is no legal requirement for traders (whether online or stationary) to pass on the VAT reduction to their customers, so it is voluntary. However, we believe that the savings from the VAT reduction should benefit the final consumer, i.e. you.
    It is therefore worth comparing.


We wish you a lot of fun with the handicraft,
warmest regards

Your Fischer-Wolle Team


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