Planned Pooling

General instructions for crocheting and knitting quality PLAN from Woolly Hugs


The most important thing in Planned Pooling is an even sequence of colours coming out of the ball. The Woolly Hugs PLAN quality has been specially developed for this technique and has 6 colour sections in a row - e.g. 1st grey, 2nd Burgundy, 3rd grey, 4th white, 5th pink, 6th white. These 6 colours form a 6 colour repeat.


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The graphic patterns in the stitch pattern are always created by evenly offsetting the stitches to the left (or right).

At the beginning of the work, the required number of stitches is set on a colour repeat. This number of stitches can then be used for all future models, so make a note of this number. The size of the model can be changed by multiplying the colour repeat. The patterns can be changed in many ways within a row by shortening or lengthening the colour repeat.

This type of crocheting or knitting is new. The patterns are all very simple, but it takes a little time to adjust the colours so that they are evenly spaced. With this type of crochet you learn to crochet or knit graphic patterns in a way that is faster than with any other technique.

If the colours do not shift as desired, there are 2 possibilities: If you still have a too long colour strand with the previous colour repeat, then dissolve the last 4 - 6 stitches and work them a little looser. If you have a too short colour strand with the previous colour repeat, loosen the last 4 - 6 stitches and work them a bit tighter. This procedure is called "regulating" the colours.

When adding another ball of yarn, always make sure that the new yarn corresponds exactly to the previous colour repeat.

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