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Knitting for babies: inspiration, tips and knitting instructions

Knit baby things yourself? Great idea! What is the best way to do this as a beginner? And what you should avoid when you take gift making into your own hands?
Here are the best tips, tricks, GO-GOs and NO-NOs about knitting for babies. 


You have questions about knitting for babies? We have the answers!

What wool is best to use for children and babies?

The most suitable for knitting for babies are cotton blends and soft, mainly smooth yarns. We recommend special baby yarns in particular, which are sometimes even saliva-proof. You can find all well-suited yarns here:

What yarns are not suitable for babies?
What yarns are not suitable for babies?

Our expert tip: Do not reach for yarns made of angora wool or fringed yarns, as well as wool with long fibers - e.g. mohair. With these yarns, there is a risk that the fibers can easily come loose and be swallowed by the baby.

What should be considered when finishing?
What should be considered when finishing?

Small parts such as buttons or patches should always be sewn on tightly so that they do not come loose and can be swallowed.

What shades are particularly suitable for knitting for babies?

You have undertaken a knitting project for the baby and now you are wondering what color to choose for the garment? There is no patent answer to this, because tastes and occasions are just as colorful as the color palette of possible wool. Where in the past, babies were often selected according to gender-typical criteria, today more and more factors such as the color effect are taken into account when knitting and crocheting.

Red has a stimulating effect

And that's not the only reason why you should go for the color of love when knitting for babies. Because this is demonstrably even the favorite color of our dear little ones. Researchers speculate that this is linked to the color and light mood in the womb.

Blue promotes balance

Unlike red, the color blue has a rather calming effect. Wool in soft shades of blue is therefore ideal for very lively children or for pajamas and sleeping bags.

Colors for spring:

Light and delicate colors make beautiful spring days even more beautiful. For coherent, trendy combinations, complement pastel shades such as pink, mint green or lilac with neutral white and cream. This creates an enchanting, light baby look.

Colors for the summer:

Bright and fresh colors like yellow, blue, pink and green are ultimate summer colors, perfect for the next summer vacation or visit to the ice cream parlor. No matter if it's for cheerful baby shoes, baby jackets for evenings or other baby stuff.

Colors for autumn:

Rustic colors like moss green, brown and red are based on the colorful autumn leaves. Skillfully combined you make so especially as a chic tweed look something!

Colors for winter:

The most beautiful color of the winter: red! A bright red, best combined with other signal colors, creates a wonderfully childlike or even Christmas-like style. From top to bottom, from cap to socks!


Knitting baby clothes: What you need:

With us you will find everything you need for knitting for babies! Starting with colorful wool over saliva-proof yarns to the matching knitting needle!

Choose yarn
Choose yarn

Before you get down to needlework, first choose a suitable quality from our yarns for babies.

Fitting needles
Fitting needles

In the product description of the selected quality you will find the appropriate needle size. Then select a suitable needle from our needle assortment.

Let's go
Let's go

Now it's time to knit and your baby can soon look forward to his own knitted piece :-)



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