Conditions of participation Bonus points

  • You receive bonus points for each online purchase as a registered customer in our online shop; orders placed by guests are excluded from participation in the bonus points program, as there is no user account.
  • You receive bonus points in the online shop from the first (whole) Euro purchase value. The calculation is very simple: 1 Euro purchase value = 1 bonus point (e.g. for 10,40 € purchase value you receive 10 bonus points)
  • The collected points can be redeemed with every online order. When redeeming, the following conversion applies: 1 bonus point = 1 cent (e.g.: If you redeem 500 bonus points, the equivalent of 5 € will be credited to your account immediately)
  • For the calculation of the bonus points the shipping costs are not taken into account, any discounts granted, such as discounts, redeemed bonus points, etc. are deducted beforehand.
  • In your customer account you can view the current balance and the history of your bonus points at any time
  • A claim to dispose of the bonus points of an order (redeeming) only exists when the payment for the order has been received by us in full. If an order is not or not completely paid for, we reserve the right to deduct the bonus points acquired for this purpose.
  • Bonus points received are valid for 3 years. If you wish, you will receive a notification by e-mail in time before the end of validity. You can set the corresponding notification setting in your user account at any time.
  • Collected bonus points can generally not be paid out in cash.
  • Bonus points can only be generated and collected and redeemed when ordering online.

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