Collect bonus points now and save money!

Collect bonus points automatically with every online order. You can redeem them for your next order in the store and save money. It's easy and simple - saving has never been easier!




Still have questions about our bonus points?

    • How do I earn bonus points?

      Everyone who orders in our online store as a registered customer automatically receives bonus points and can collect and redeem them.

    • How many bonus points can I get for my order?

      This depends entirely on the amount of your purchase (excluding shipping costs and after deduction of any discounts, such as rebates, bonus points redeemed, etc.).
      You receive bonus points from the first euro of the value of your purchase, the calculation is very simple: 
      1 euro of purchase value = 1 bonus point (example: for 34,40 € of purchase value, you receive 34 bonus points).

    • How and where can I redeem my collected bonus points?

      For each online order, you can decide for yourself whether you want to redeem your collected bonus points at checkout under "Payment & Purchase" or continue collecting them. - You decide!

    • What is the value of a collected bonus point?

      The following conversion applies when redeeming collected bonus points:
      1 bonus point = 1 cent (e.g. if you redeem 340 bonus points, the equivalent of €3.40 will be credited to your account immediately and deducted from the amount of the bill to be paid).

    • Where can I see how many bonus points I have currently collected?

      In your user account, under "Bonus Points", you can see exactly how many bonus points you have currently collected and are available for redemption. You will also find a credit history there and can therefore see exactly how many bonus points you have received or redeemed for each order.
      In addition, you can also view your current bonus point balance when redeeming under "Review and Payments". This way, you always know exactly how many bonus points you currently have and can redeem them immediately.

    • Do bonus points give me any obligations?

      No. Our bonus point program has no obligations or conditions. If you do not want to participate in our bonus point program, you are of course not obliged to redeem your bonus points, so nothing will change for you.

Please also note our conditions of participation: Conditions of Participation

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