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Pick & Pom - Nine pompoms in one go!
  • The 2018 trend, whether as a home decoration element, on clothing or on bags
  • Never before has it been so easy to produce so many pompoms in such a short time. In just a few steps you can produce nine pompoms with a diameter of about 45 mm with the help of Pick&Pom.
  • For the production of the pompons the yarn Schachenmayr Bravo is recommended.
  • Pick&Pom is made in Germany from high quality acrylic and was created with love by the designer Anke Müller.
  • The little heart in the corner not only looks cute, but also serves to hang the "Pick&Pom" on the wall.
  • Many inspirations and instructions can also be found on Instagram Have a look at the matching"Explanation video"best to watch it right now!
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