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Tasselinchen - finished tassels in 4 different lengths and in 7 thicknesses.
  • The lengths range from 1x12 cm, over 1 x 8 cm up to 2 x 6 cm and 2 x 4 cm. It has never been so easy to make tassels in the same length and thickness yourself.
  • The different holes, 7 in total, help you to hold your tassels firmly in place, so that you can finish them easily and without complications. You can let your imagination run wild when choosing the material, from fine yarn to thick wool, there are no limits to your imagination.
  • Tasselinchen is made in Germany from high quality acrylic and was created with love by the designer Anke Müller.
  • The little heart in the corner does not only look cute but also serves to hang the tasselinchen on the wall.
  • Many inspirations and instructions can also be found on Instagram Have a look at the matching"Explanation video"best to watch right away!
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